NACS is committed to encouraging and advancing the study of Catalan language and culture in the North American academy. It seeks to foster greater visibility for and dissemination of scholarship in the field of Catalan Studies and serves as a central point of reference, as well as a public voice, for a network of scholars in this field. To this end, the NACS holds biennial colloquia (along with occasional smaller symposia) and publishes the Catalan Review: International Journal of Catalan Culture.

19th International Colloquium of
the North American Catalan Society
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
April 18–20, 2024









2022 - 18th Colloquium

University of Massachusetts Amherst

2019 - 17th Colloquium

University of Chicago

2017 - 16th Colloquium

Indiana University at Bloomington

2015 - 15th Colloquium

Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Barcelona, Catalunya)
[Program] [Mèdia]

2013 - 14th Colloquium

University of Toronto (Canada)

2010 - 13th Colloquium

Temple University

2007 - 12th Colloquium

Dalhousie University at Halifax (Canada)

2004 - 11th Colloquium

Eton College (UK), organized with the Anglo-Catalan Society

2001 - 10th Colloquium

Brown University

1998 - 9th Colloquium

Institut d’Estudis Catalans (Barcelona, Catalunya)

1995 - 8th Colloquium

Indiana University at Bloomington

1993 - 7th Colloquium

University of California at Berkeley

1990 - 6th Colloquium

University of British Columbia, (Vancouver, Canadà)

1987 - 5th Colloquium

University of South Florida at Tampa

1984 - 4th Colloquium

Washington University

1982 - 3rd Colloquium

University of Toronto (Canadà)

1980 - 2nd Colloquium

Yale University

1978 1st Colloquium

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign